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Category: Safety

You Can Improve Rail Safety!

Rail safety is extremely important for anyone who comes into contact with railroads. We want to remind you that you can improve rail safety in many ways as both a […]

Metrolink Safety: See Tracks? Think Train!

Rail safety is for everyone, not just drivers. Pedestrians who choose to walk or play around railroad tracks are trespassing on private property and could be fined, seriously injured or […]

Staying Safe In Case of Evacuations

We want to remind you to familiarize yourself with the proper procedures in case of an evacuation on our trains. We post evacuation instructions inside every train car for you […]

Metrolink Safety: Filming on Tracks

At Metrolink, we are committed to making sure that everyone who interacts with our trains and property does so safely. This includes our passengers, motorists at rail crossings and members […]

Metrolink Needs Your Feedback!

Metrolink is working to improve our customer service when there are incidents that cause delays to our riders. Please help us serve you better by providing your feedback. The Service […]

Stay Safe with Your Bike Aboard Trains

Bike Month is continuing and we knows many of you are joining in and taking your bikes on trains, especially for the free rides we’re offering through Friday for Bike […]

Stay Safe Around Railroad Tracks

Metrolink wants to remind you to stay safe when it comes to trains! See tracks? Think train! About every three hours, a person or vehicle is struck by a train, […]

Safety Update: Evacuation Procedures

Metrolink reminds you to familiarize yourself with our train emergency evacuation instructions. These instructions are posted inside every train car for you to review. Remember, the time you take to […]