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Category: Safety

Emergency Evacuation Instructions

Metrolink reminds you to familiarize yourself with our train emergency evacuation instructions. These instructions are posted inside every train car for you to review. Remember, the time you take to […]

June 2019 Metrolink Matters is now available

The June 2019 edition of Metrolink Matters is now available digitally at This month, readers can learn about our “behind the scenes” programs, which are efforts we use that […]

Summer Railroad Crossing Safety Tips

  Railroad safety advocates are urging all drivers to remain vigilant when approaching railroad crossings because safety never takes a summer vacation. According to rail safety education nonprofit Operation Lifesaver, […]

May is Mental Health Month

Incidents on the railroad tracks run the gamut from people taking shortcuts on the right-of-way, would-be models posing on tracks as a background, to homeless encampments, and tragically, suicide attempts. […]

Stay safe when taking photos near tracks

Train tracks are fun to photograph.  With leading lines and cool textures, many photographers flock to the railroads for senior photos, family portraits and even artsy images.  There’s many dangers […]

Rail safety tips to teach children

The earlier the better when teaching kids to be “track smart.” Along with teaching kids the importance of avoiding streets because they can be dangerous, parents can also use the […]

Steps for a Safe Commute

A prepared Metrolink commuter knows how to ensure their personal safety in the course of a regular commute. How many of these tasks are part of your commuting routine? To […]

Stay Safe – Avoid Distracted Walking

The list of possible issues distracted walking can create in the workplace is endless. Work areas and the tasks occurring in them are constantly changing, maintaining situational awareness is key. […]

Don’t tempt fate – stay away from tracks!

Everyday people tempt fate and die trespassing on railroad tracks. Not everyone who trespasses on railroad property does so with bad intentions. Regardless of intent, trespassing isn’t just illegal – […]