Schedule Update: Monday, October 25

On Monday, October 25, 2021, almost all our train schedule times will change. Most of the changes are a few minutes but several may shift up to 40 minutes.

Our goal with this schedule change is to make getting around the region easier for you by improving connection times to other Metrolink trains and public transportation services. It also enables us to give Metrolink riders access to a total of four Amtrak trains on the Ventura County Line.

Importantly, this change also allows us to prepare for restoring more train service soon. I know your next question is: “When will Metrolink bring my train back?” Our Metrolink team is working hard on our service restoration plan to bring back as much service as possible – within the next several months – so stay tuned.

We know change is never easy and understand this schedule might not be perfect for everyone. Customer feedback contributed to these changes, so keep sharing your thoughts here

Thank you for continuing to ride Metrolink. We appreciate you.

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