SoCal Explorer Partner Highlight: The Mission Pacific Hotel & The Seabird Resort

A trip to the sister resort properties The Mission Pacific Hotel and The Seabird Resort in Oceanside, California means the chance to enjoy a relaxing getaway in a brand-new, boutique, seaside oasis in Southern California. These hotels are in the beautiful, under-the-radar beach town of Oceanside, just 40 miles north of San Diego and just steps from the Oceanside Metrolink station – making them the perfect home base to explore the area. There’s even an on-site concierge service that carries visitors’ bags for them from the train station!

These two separate hotel properties come together as one fabulous destination on the beach, and host a selection of delicious dining options, a plethora of sweeping ocean views, and opportunities to enjoy exciting outdoor activities like swimming, surfing, and biking.

Both hotels offer their own distinct personality for each guest to experience. For this reason, if you decide to spend the night at Mission Pacific on one trip, you’ll no doubt feel as if you’ll need to return to spend time at its sister property next door, The Seabird, as soon as possible.   

Metrolink spoke with the Area Director of Sales and Marketing at Mission Pacific Hotel and The Seabird Resort, Brandon Hendricks, and Regional Managing Director of both properties, Michael Stephens, about both properties to get their insider insight into the latest and greatest at these hot new hotels.  

Mission Pacific Hotel  

Mission Pacific Hotel feels like a serene “Bohemian Chic” sanctuary. Immediately when a guest steps on-site, they know they won’t have to worry about anything in the outside world while they’re on vacation. 

“We have a really forward-thinking design that feels very organic,” said Hendricks. “It’s very natural looking.  

Mission Pacific describes itself as “independent” and “authentically local” in spirit – “the ultimate bohemian-chic California Coastal experience: dreamy, escapist, laid back, and utterly frictionless.”   

With 161 rooms and suites – a majority of which host ocean views and balconies – as well as an individual concierge, a pet-friendly program, a rooftop pool with private cabanas, lounge seating, and hot tub Jacuzzi, three on-site restaurants as well as in-room dining, a 24-hour fitness center, there’s no shortage of opportunities to unwind at Mission Pacific. Guests will also enjoy direct access to Oceanside Beach (with an included “Beach Butler service!).   

Rooms and suites at Mission Pacific Hotel feel exactly like what you’d picture if you imagined the quintessentially coastal Southern California living experience. Light textures, designer-curated design touches, and seemingly endless views of the sea – it just makes spending time up in your room a place you’ll never want to leave.   

Hungry? For dinner, try Valle which serves authentic cuisine that tastes as if it’s straight from Mexico’s Guadalupe Valley and wines from northern Mexico’s wine region. HIGH/LOW serves breakfast classics and lunch favorites from sunrise to sunset in a casual oceanfront setting. Finally, The Rooftop Bar at Mission Pacific focuses on Baja-inspired dishes and sharing plates with a generous array of craft cocktails created from original recipes by the property’s team of accomplished on-site mixologists.  

The Seabird Resort  

Directly across the street is The Seabird Resort, with bright and airy interiors and a cheerful atmosphere – perfect for a memorable family vacation. Here, you will experience the same superb service as its sister property next-door with 226 rooms (including 16 suites) as well as a full-service spa and three on-site dining establishments.   

Immediately, as you walk into the lobby of The Seabird, its clean, bright and breezy beach-themed, chic design will calm any kind of travel anxiety you might have previously been feeling before arrival.     

For eats at The Seabird, try the laid back Shelter Club which sits right behind the outdoor third-floor pool. Here, you can order something tasty right off the grill without ever having to think about getting up from that comfy pool chair.  

In the mornings, Piper’s breakfast hosts a selection of freshly pressed juices for a healthy start to any stay’s day. In the evenings, this same space transports into an intimate eatery serving made to order pastas and fresh, garden-to-table dishes alongside an open kitchen, a full bar and wraparound outdoor patio.  

For adults, there’s The Shore Room, which is the property’s indoor seaside bar curating craft cocktails with the best seat in the house for watching the sunset sink over the ocean waves. 

Pool Deck  

But perhaps one of the most standout features available to guests of both properties is the aforementioned rooftop pool.   

“The rooftop is just magical,” said Hendricks. “It’s a beacon for people. The biggest problem we’re facing is that once people get up there, they don’t want to leave! You could easily get lost up there for hours…From the blue waters to the blue skies here in California, you really feel as if you’re on top of the world, in a pool setting.”   

Hendricks describes the pool deck as an “island in the sky” and its warm, collaborative atmosphere encourages its visitors to make friends with those hanging out on-site, but who are locals of the Oceanside community.   

“[Being up there] really makes you think about life,” said Hendricks. “It really helps with the connections we’re trying to get people to create.”  

Overall, both properties aim to serve as a place that represents Oceanside as a community and a destination for both travelers and for the locals alike to appreciate. 

“The properties are a really cool mix of resort guests and our own locals,” said Hendricks of the hotels and the rooftop bar itself.   

Employees and partners who are authentic and local  

And speaking of community, there’s definitely a presence of togetherness felt at the Mission Pacific and The Seabird.   

“We feel like this team working here, that we’ve put in place, is kind of like a group of local insiders who understand what’s happening in the city of Oceanside,” said Hendricks.   

Hendricks said the corporate team made sure to be especially thoughtful while selecting the employees and the business partners with whom they wanted to work. They wanted to support as many talented local businesses as possible – giving people a true reflection of what it’s like to be a part of this community while they’re here. When you’re dining, drinking, or shopping on-site, you’ll most likely be enjoying something that was sourced or created in the San Diego area.  

“The brands we work with on-site are all brands local to San Diego and Oceanside,” said Hendricks. “Even our team’s apparel, because we wanted our team to look like the guests themselves while they’re in uniform. That way, when you see the team and speak with the staff you’re more at ease. It can connect you in a deeper way.” 

Many of the employees live just blocks away from the property and were born and raised in Oceanside. 

A (Literal) Oceanside Escape  

Whether it’s to relax – or to get active and find time to connect with others – that’s what spending time at The Mission Pacific and The Seabird Resort is all about. These two hotel properties feel like a sanctuary by the sea and serve as a destination where visitors of any age and background can come together to get active or alternatively experience a bit of much-deserved rest and rejuvenation next to the sea. 

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