SoCal Explorer Partner and Bike Month Partner Highlight: Aventon Bikes

Ebikes are taking the U.S. by storm. Over the past few years, people around the world have been discovering the convenience and fun of riding ebikes both for leisure and as a form of clean transportation.  That’s because this exciting mode of travel is a fast and economical way to get around, while combining the benefits of physical activity and fresh air. 

Aventon bikes, which is based in Ontario, Calif., hosts a wide network of partner retailers across the U.S. and offers a sizable fleet of ebikes fitting for every background and skill level.  

Aventon first came to life in 2011, with a mission to offer high quality bikes at affordable prices – thus creating the opportunity for anyone to own their own bike, which is more accessible. 

The company has since moved toward acting as an e-mobility focused brand, with an evolved goal that focuses on offering alternate ways for people to commute and experience the world beyond the car, beyond the traffic and beyond the gym.  

Metrolink connected with Aventon CEO and founder, JW Zhang for insight into the company’s inspiration, backstory, and the skyrocketing popularity of bike riding.  

A Solid “Cycle” of Success 

“I saw a gap in the market for good quality, high performing bikes at affordable prices,” said Zhang on his initial inspiration for founding Aventon. “Having family in the manufacturing industry, I decided to design and manufacture my own [bikes] starting the Aventon brand in 2011.” 

Zhang successfully introduced consumers to a new, enhanced transportation option – ebikes – which are made at Aventon using brand name components but for a fraction of the cost of a traditional ebike.  

He said he’s been thrilled by the speed at which Aventon’s following has grown over these past few years — and his passion for biking and bike culture is what has continued to drive him to constantly create a better product.  

Zhang shared his thoughts about the worldwide “bike boom” and the future of bike culture.  

“People are turning to bikes, and specifically ebikes, to combat cabin fever, get out of the house, get some fresh air, get some exercise and now to commute!” said Zhang. “It is truly a movement that we are thrilled to be a part of.” 

Bumps in the Road 

But just as with any success story, behind the scenes, Aventon has been overcoming its share of challenges this past year. The increased demand for bikes even temporarily stifled the company’s growth at one point, due to a lack of equipment and resources.  

“During the summer of 2020, we had very few bikes in stock and everything was being sold on pre-order with long wait times,” he said. “Things are not yet back to normal, and sourcing parts is still an issue, but as the manufacturer and retailer, we control the entire supply chain, giving us an advantage over our competitors.” 

Anyone Can Ride an Ebike 

Aventon designs its product line with inclusion in mind–creating affordable opportunities to own an ebike regardless of any biker’s age, gender, or physical ability. Aventon has driven their own fair share of inspirational stories from loyal supporters. One particularly interesting story showcases the fight and bike of a strong woman from Texas, named Jen, who was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. This disease impacts the blood pressure in the lungs, so she thought she’d never ride her bike again.  

Jen used Aventon’s throttle and pedal assist functions on the Pace 500 Step-Through ebike to successfully ride with her avid cyclist husband and said the experience made her feel empowered.  

Another supporter, a nurse on the front lines at a large hospital in Manhattan named Cami, recalled how she didn’t know how she would get to work from her Brooklyn apartment back when COVID-19 shut down the subway system in New York City. She immediately purchased an Aventon ebike and said she’ll never go back to her previous commute.  

“Flying over the bridges and up the bike lanes at sunrise and sunset has been solidly in the category of “self-care,” shared Cami. “Almost a spiritual experience of freedom!” 

Joining Forces to Make Way for a Cleaner, Safer World 

Outside of biking, JW Zhang is a fan of public transportation himself. He said he appreciates the relaxation aspect of taking the train and not having to worry about traffic.  

“I have friends and family who take Metrolink to and from work daily and they love it; they talk about the fact that they can get work done on the train, rest, catch up on shows they like, etc. and the convenience of it, over having a car to worry about,” said Zhang. 

Between taking the train with a bike onboard and utilizing the convenient comfort of a designated bike car or going on a long weekend ride and taking the train to get to the trailhead – there are seemingly endless possibilities to combine railway travel and bike travel to create a better experience.  

Throughout Bike Month until May 31, Aventon has partnered with Metrolink to give away a free PACE 500! Sign up and learn more about Metrolink’s Bike Month festivities, here.

SoCal Explorers will receive 5 percent off their purchase on an Aventon bike or on ebike accessories with the code “METROLINK.” 

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