Not all Superheroes Wear Capes — Metrolink Celebrates Those Who Wear Conductor, Construction, and Healthcare Worker Uniforms, Too

Essential Worker Day Will Honor the Herculean Efforts of Southern California’s Essential Workers as Real-Life Superheroes 

Since 1995, National Superhero Day on April 28 has honored superheroes, both real and fictional.  Metrolink will now celebrate our real-life superheroes in Southern California walking (and riding) among us on that day with Metrolink’s first annual Essential Workers Day—acknowledging those who put their lives at stake to support essential services in our communities during the pandemic, and every day. 

Joining Metrolink in honoring these heroes, the Board of Supervisors of the five counties Metrolink serves—Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Ventura County—have passed special Essential Worker Day resolutions recognizing essential workers for their service to the region – including frontline transit workers.  You can see the Ventura County proclamation here, and the San Bernardino proclamation, here.  

Last September, the Metrolink Board passed its own resolution recognizing “all essential workers in five counties, including Metrolink employees and contractors, are the unsung heroes of this public health crisis.” Essential Worker Day is another important way the agency is thanking them for their work. 

Bat-Signals and Train Signals 

In a customer survey fielded by Metrolink in February of this year, 75 percent of current Metrolink riders self-identified as essential workers who are working hard to ensure the health, wellbeing and economic resiliency of local communities.  

These are the essential workers who have kept our community functioning safely, including our own employees who’ve kept our trains moving for them. Many Metrolink riders and staff are on the frontlines of serving riders and the community. #EssentialWorkersDay allows us to say thank you for all they do and lets them know how much we appreciate them. 

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes  

On Wednesday, April 28, our conductors will acknowledge the essential worker riders on Metrolink throughout the day with special announcements encouraging everyone to thank them for their heroic contributions in “serving and protecting” our community.   

Riders may also notice that Metrolink’s contractors and employees will be at the stations and on board the trains donning capes and handing out stickers honoring our essential workers.  

The Metrolink team has also created a customized Spotify playlist, giving essential workers something special to listen to on their commute that will brighten and energize their day. These tracks were chosen by Metrolink staff to share our gratitude and highlight essential workers as the shining superheroes they are. 

Additionally, Metrolink will share quotes on its social media platforms about the extraordinary ways its frontline workers are inspired by their jobs every day. 

“Essential Workers Are Our Superheroes” will be the motto on the home page on April 28 – to remind everyone in the Southern California region that whether you’re flying through the air or flying past traffic on the freeway with Metrolink, we wouldn’t function without our everyday essential worker heroes.  

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