Metrolink’s “Quality Service Pledge” Means We’re Committed to Getting You to Your Station Safely, and On Time

Here’s a Look into How We’re Committed to Recognizing Your Work and Leisure Travel Needs   

Timing is Everything 

At Metrolink, getting you to where you need to be on time is important… And no one wants their timeliness impacted by construction interruptions.  

For this reason, if a Metrolink train experiences an unplanned disruption that delays and inconveniences our passengers, Metrolink will make every attempt to restore train service or provide alternative transportation to get riders to their station. That’s Metrolink’s Ride Promise – and it’s our Quality Service Pledge to customers. 

This means that if for any reason our trains are running late – we’re going to make every effort to get you to your final destination safely, and promptly. From bus bridges to alternative methods of transportation, such as Uber and Lyft vouchers for up to $50, we’ll make sure you have a reliable way to get where you’re supposed to be going as timely as possible.  

The reliability of our service for our passengers is of utmost importance to Metrolink, so intermittently there can be track and station maintenance, which is necessary to ensure we’re offering the highest quality services. 

When Construction Causes an Unwanted Disruption 

Due to construction, sometimes our trains encounter unexpected or unforeseen long-term delays. This maintenance is required in order to maintain a standard of quality that protects you, as our riders – and our employees onboard with you. 

We understand how frustrating any delay or service interruptions can feel. After all, we at Metrolink are riders ourselves. 

Discounted Tickets For Future SoCal Exploration 

In an effort to make up for any persistent delay or impact to your rider experience, when our average on-time performance of a line falls below 85% for a calendar month, we’ll offer a line-restricted monthly pass at a discount of 25% valid a later month. That’s our QSP Promise! 

The latest example of delivering on our QSP Promise took place when track maintenance was required on the Antelope Valley Line to improve future reliability of service and safety. We did not anticipate the track work would result in such a marked decrease in performance—on-time performance on the line fell below 85% in January and February.  We are pleased to report the maintenance is now complete and the line’s on-time performance is at or above standard. 

Now, to make up for those unexpected interruptions we are extending a special 25% discount on Antelope Valley Line monthly passes purchased for the months of May and June, as promised in the Metrolink Quality Service Pledge (QSP). The discount will be automatically applied when you purchase tickets on the mobile app, at ticket machines or at our ticket windows.  

We’re proud to help you travel safely and securely – and we thank you for your patience, loyalty, understanding, and your continued ridership. We look forward to welcoming you onboard our trains, on your way to work or to your next adventure exploring southern California.  

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