Join Metrolink’s “Earth Week” Sustainability Challenge for a Chance to Win Free Metrolink Passes!

From indulging in tasty plant-based recipes, to choosing a train ride instead of traffic – here are the ways you can contribute toward a cleaner Earth, with Metrolink 

What’s even better than “Earth Day”? “Earth Week” –an entire seven days of virtual activities planned by the Metrolink team to engage with our SoCal community and spread the word of the importance of protecting our environment.  

Did you know that for every 1,000 people that choose to take the train over driving greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 23,472 pounds, which is the equivalent of the carbon sequestered by a 12-acre forest, the size of 10 football fields? Every. Single. Day. 

For this celebration, we’ve created a robust lineup of interactive, educational activities– such as sustainable webinars with expert guest speakers including two sustainability-focused webinars with guest speakers from California State University, Fullerton and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.  

We’re also sharing educational information highlighting our newly released Climate Action Plan detailing how Metrolink plans to accelerate a zero-emissions future for the agency, which means a healthier future for you!  

During Earth Week, Metrolink’s community members will have the chance to compete in a range of activities in a physically distanced way, while participating in a larger effort to make positive lifestyle changes and improve our Southern California communities.  

You’ll be entered for a chance to win a Monthly Pass or one of twenty 7-Day Passes, when you join our Sustainability Challenge and commit to making sustainable lifestyle choices. 

Here’s the full lineup of activations for Earth Week, with details on how to participate 

  • Monday – Go Plant-based for the Planet 

Environmental studies show that meat production creates a significant amount of greenhouse gas and uses approximately 1,850 gallons of water for one pound of beef – go plant-based for the day by creating a meal without using meat. Hashtag #MetrolinkGreenEating to share your creation with us for a chance to be featured on our social media accounts. 

And of course, our trains are onboard – in fact, Metrolink trains are now trying out a new “plant-based diet.” Learn more about our renewable diesel and plant-powered locomotives program here. 

On Monday, Metrolink will also be working with guest speaker, Mojgan Sami, an assistant professor at CSU Fullerton on a webinar titled, “Reimagining Mobility in the 21st Century” from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m., discussing the impact the pandemic has had on our ability to reimagine our transportation systems and appreciate the contributions our transportation engineers have made to society. If you’re interested in joining, register here! 

  • Tuesday – Recycling & Composting 

Recycling is the first step that we can take to improve our communities and advance the health of Southern California. Recycling conserves water, energy and other natural resources, prevents waste from going into oceans, mitigates climate change and protects human health. Recycle for Metrolink!  

With the goal of reducing the solid waste generated at our facilities and offices to minimize disposal in landfills, we installed recycling centers which include composting organic waste as well as recycling paper, glass and aluminum products. Take the time to #MetrolinkGreenRecycle with our team.  

  • Wednesday – Save Energy 

Your energy use and the environment are connected. When you consume less power, you reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by power plants, conserve the earth’s natural resources and protect ecosystems. In fact, if every American household switched out just one light bulb for an efficient LED lamp, the reduction in pollution would be equivalent to taking 10.3 million cars off the road. 

Metrolink is also doing its part to conserve energy, from unplugging technology when it’s not in use, all the way to transitioning our facilities to solar power. Our organization converted energy efficient LED lighting and was recently recognized with a 2020 Sustainability Impact Award by LADWP. Join us by turning off one light for a night with #MetrolinkGreenConserve.  

On Wednesday, Metrolink will also be working with guest speaker Damon Ayala, Utility Services Specialist for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. for a webinar titled Energy Efficiencies and Water Conservation for the Home.  

This webinar will discuss how sustainable practices can help the environment and save you money with tips and information about water conservation and energy efficiency activities and programs designed to help conserve these natural resources. If you’re interested in joining, register here! 

Did you know that you can Calculate the Impact you make on the environment when you leave your car behind and take the train? It adds up quickly. In fact, 63 percent of Metrolink employees choose to leave their car behind, contributing toward a reduction of traffic and smog emissions. Join us by ditching your car for the day and taking the train—and tag us with #MetrolinkGreenTravel.  

  • Friday – Water Savings & Drought-tolerant Plants 

Water is a limited resource, especially in drought-prone Southern California. Swap out water fixtures to low-flow devices and commit to planting drought-tolerant, native plants.  

Metrolink’s team is committed to reducing our water use in operations by 50 percent – or the equivalent of 3 million gallons by 2030. Metrolink facilities have also been upgraded to feature low-flow water fixtures and drought-tolerant exterior landscaping. Skip watering the lawn for a day, and go #MetrolinkGreenWater 

  • Weekend – Metrolink Cares Community Cleanup (Through Litterati App) 

Help clean up your community and prevent litter from harming wildlife and ending up in our oceans. Join the Metrolink family in the weekend “Community Cleanup” challenge on the Litterati app  to keep our communities clean and healthy. Download the free app, create your profile and enter challenge code: METROLINK to join us! Go #MetrolinkGreenCleanUp 

A Better Future for the Earth 

Together, we can create a cleaner future by making small changes to our everyday lives. Join Metrolink this Earth Week by going green and making way for a better environment, one meal, bulb, train ride – one step at a time. 

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