Riders of Metrolink: Emily E.

Meet Emily, a laboratory professor who was a Metrolink rider for 2 years while she worked hard to get her postgraduate degree. While on her education journey, Metrolink has been with her every step of the way. She’d frequently take the Orange County Line and would rely on Metrolink for study time, quick naps and much more.

Why do you take Metrolink?

I took Metrolink every weekday for two years while I was getting my master’s at USC.

How has Metrolink made your commute easier?

It allowed me to use my commuting time for homework and to catch up on sleep. I also have a medical condition that makes it unsafe for me to drive for more than an hour at a time, so Metrolink was literally a lifesaver.

What Metrolink Line do you take?

Orange County Line.

What do you like best about your trips with Metrolink?

The trains are quiet, comfortable and I don’t have to deal with traffic!

How has Metrolink supported your traveling needs?

Metrolink allowed me to commute to school so I could save money by living at home. I also saved a lot of money on gas.

What cool destination do you suggest riders go to while taking Metrolink?

Union Station is right in the heart of LA and is close to some cool spots. Also, Oceanside is great to visit, too!

What is one memorable story you’ve experienced while riding Metrolink?

The time that I found out a friend also took Metrolink! We happened to get on the same train, and it was fun to ride together from then on.

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