Riders of Metrolink: Kidada M.

Meet Kidada M., a loyal customer of Metrolink since 2017. Kidada rides the Ventura County Line, 91/Perris Valley Line and Orange County Line. When she’s taking a break from being an Environmental and Transportation Planner, she can be spotted traveling, soaking up different sceneries and relaxing with her emotional support animal.  

Kidada, why do you like riding Metrolink?

There are many reasons. I like riding for the comfort, safety, great riders and the conductors I’ve met along the way.

How has Metrolink made your commute easier?

I don’t own a car. Metrolink helps me reach far destinations in surrounding counties. I typically travel by Metrolink to Orange and Riverside counties for work and to Ventura County to visit family.

What do you like best about your trips with Metrolink?

I love looking out the window and watching the scenery. It’s so calming. I also love meeting other riders and that I can take my emotional support animal on trips with me. Amtrak doesn’t allow emotional support animals, so it’s great to have that ability while riding Metrolink.

How has Metrolink supported your traveling needs?

Metrolink allows me to reach destinations that are a far distance in a short amount of time.

What is one memorable story you’ve experienced while riding Metrolink?

On the Ventura County Line, there was a group of regular riders who I would sit with daily, both in the mornings and evenings, when working in the office (pre-pandemic). Whenever it was someone’s birthday, our group would have a mini celebration on the train. The conversations and friendship I had with those riders was the best part about my daily Metrolink commute, and the parties were unforgettable.

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