Riders of Metrolink: Addison A.

Meet Addison A. a server and host in Culver City who has been a dedicated rider of Metrolink for 25 years! He can be spotted on the Antelope Valley or San Bernardino Line, and enjoys using Metrolink to connect him to outings, people, scenic views and good food.

Why do you take Metrolink?

Mostly pleasure and sometimes business. 

How has Metrolink made your commute easier?

Beats Uber charges or sitting in traffic. 

What Metrolink Line do you take?

Either Antelope Valley or San Bernardino.

What do you like best about your trips with Metrolink?

The journey: meeting some of the people who make that journey happen like conductors or engineers. And I’m always a fan of a good window seat.

How has Metrolink supported your traveling needs?

Getting me to where I need to be in a timely manner.

What cool destination do you suggest riders go to while taking Metrolink?

I’d say Claremont along the San Bernardino Line. Claremont Village has so many great places to eat, all locally owned. Their weekend farmers market is always a hit, rain or shine!

What is one memorable story you can think of that you’ve experienced while riding Metrolink?

My mom, sister and I used to ride the Metrolink from Burbank – Downtown to L.A. Union Station. It was always a winter, spring or summer break treat. I was always in charge of planning out our itinerary. We’d always visit Olvera Street & have lunch at Philippe the Original.

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  1. Great transportation to any reason and locations. You should not miss it.👍🙏💃.

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