Riders of Metrolink: Jesse V.

Meet Jesse V., a full-time student and Uber Eats driver that’s been a customer with Metrolink for about two years. He travels with us on the Perris Valley Line and occasionally on the IEOC Line. Jesse enjoys a stress-free commute and loves to save time where he can in his busy life.   

Why do you take Metrolink?

I take Metrolink because it is affordable and accessible. I also choose Metrolink over other public transit options because I enjoy the ride. As a student, it makes the commute stress free. Time and ease are essential. 

What Metrolink Line do you take?

I take the Perris Valley Line, OC Line and occasionally the IEOC Line. 

What do you like best about your trips with Metrolink?

The friendly conductors.

How has Metrolink supported your traveling needs?

It has supported my needs by getting me where I need to go in just about an hour (without having to take the bus). It decreases the duration of my commute, which is important when the destination is far. 

What is one memorable story that you’ve experienced while riding Metrolink?

When I took my mom with me to visit Oceanside. The scenery of the ocean we saw between San Clemente and Oceanside was beautiful. Since then, she’s talked about the trip at least once a week. It’s nice to have had that experience. 

What cool destination do you suggest riders go to while taking Metrolink?

San Juan Capistrano.

How has Metrolink made your commute easier?

The easiness of purchasing tickets whether paper or mobile. The stress-free concept of just getting on and riding without having to worry about a thing is great.

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