Riders of Metrolink: Jamie L.

Meet Jamie L. (Miss Olive), a Food and Nutrition Supervisor at Casa Colina Rehab Centers for Healthcare and a member of National Council of Negro Women. Known for wearing many hats in her community, this essential worker faces many challenges during the pandemic, but together with her team of healthcare warriors, she pulls through every time. She’s been a devout rider of Metrolink for 5 years and takes the San Bernardino Line to safely get to and from work.

Why do you take Metrolink?

It gets me to work and home daily.

As an essential worker, how have you adjusted during these unprecedented times of the pandemic?

Work has had its challenges. Last year was busy with staff getting sick and with patient care, but we got through the days (even though some days were long).

What Metrolink Line do you take? 

San Bernardino Line

How has Metrolink supported your traveling needs?

It’s gotten me to work, home and to events I’d go to prior to the pandemic.

What do you like best about your trips with Metrolink? 

The conductors and engineers make sure I am safe in a sense. And my fellow commuters are essential. They’re like another family to me.

What is one memorable story you’ve experienced while riding Metrolink?

I would say…when I went to see my sister in Laguna Hills at 6:40 a.m. The riders and conductor knew one another and it was great. And do not sit in someone else’s seat! 😂

What cool destination do you suggest riders go to while taking Metrolink?

Chinatown, the San Clemente Pier and Taste of Soul in October.

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