Giving Tuesday Series: Tierra del Sol

Since 1971, Tierra del Sol’s mission has been to champion inclusion and value for all individuals with developmental disabilities. Initially started by parents seeking an alternative to institutional care, the organization’s values include person-centeredness, passion, honesty, respect and full engagement. 

“Tierra has done so much to empower people with developmental disabilities,” said Karren McClenahan, TDS Family and mother to Kelly McClenahan, as well as TDS BOD and COI Member. “With the right support, we can continue to do much more.” 

This organization, which has grown to 630 professional volunteers at 130 non-profits, believes that everyone has their own special talents and can live productive and personally meaningful lives. Tierra del Sol offers young adults the opportunity to self-advocate through creative pathways to employment, education and the arts.  

“We’ve had Tierra clients at our facility for almost four years now, and they really have just become an integral part of our entire operation,” said Sacha Van Voorhis, Director, Discovery Cube Los Angeles and TDS Workforce Development Partner. “The amount of work they are willing and capable of doing is amazing, and I think that this has made a huge difference in how we operate and run the science center.” 

Tierra began their partnership with Metrolink in March 2018 and currently has two paid interns who traditionally work directly with the Metrolink team at the downtown LA headquarters.  One intern works in the Human Resources Department and is responsible for data entry, mail distribution and other assigned tasks — while the second Tierra intern helps with data entry in the Finance Department. 

Those who are interested in donating can visit Tierra del Sol’s donations page at 

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