SoCal Explorer Partner Highlight: NORMS

NORMS, a well-known chain of diner-style restaurants sprinkled across Southern California, was originally founded in 1949 by used-car salesman Norm Roybark. The classic American diner chain  has since grown to include over 20 locations throughout Southern California in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties (with new locations opening throughout 2021). NORMS is a beloved family favorite, and reliably open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

For over 70 years, NORMS has offered “great food, great service, and great value,” while cementing themselves as an iconic mainstay in the Southern California NORMS diner scene. With homestyle hospitality, unbeatable value and time-honored Googie architecture, continues to grow in both presence and popularity as “the place where life happens.” In addition to dine-in service, NORMS also offers takeout, delivery (through all four major services), catering, and has even recently launched its first-ever food truck. 

Mike Colonna, President and CEO of NORMS, shared his thoughts about NORMS’ ongoing community engagement throughout its history. Metrolink connected with Colonna to get more details on why NORMS is an active participant of Metrolink’s SoCal Explorer program, and how the company’s relationship with the Greater Los Angeles community has shaped its business practices.  

“NORMS has had such a strong connection to our community since opening in 1949 and during the pandemic has proven no different,” said Colonna. “When there were national shortages on meat and eggs, we offered free eggs, bacon and steaks to guests with a purchase of a select dollar amount and received an overwhelming amount of support from our guests. The day we could reopen for outdoor dining, our guests showed up and trusted us to serve them their favorite dishes in a safe, sanitized, comfortable environment. It’s because of NORMS’ connection with the community and our loyal guests that we’ve been able to stay in business during the pandemic.”  

Colonna and the NORMS corporation openly support the use of public transportation and cite its recognized positive effects on the environment. “Public transportation, especially in a major city like Los Angeles, plays a huge part in everyone’s lives, whether they use it or not,” said Colonna. “When people take Metrolink, there are fewer cars on the road, making for less traffic and lower emissions coming from those cars, in turn helping the environment. Several NORMS employees use public transportation to get to and from work, which is a huge help not only to them, but to us as well.” 

NORMS stresses the impact that Metrolink’s services continue to have on the SoCal community — which includes offering transportation to both NORMS workers and customers across Greater Los Angeles and beyond.  

“The Metrolink SoCal Explorer program provides a fun, affordable way for Southern California residents to get out and see parts of the state they wouldn’t normally see and in a sense connects people with each other,” said Colonna. “Although NORMS connects people through the joy of sharing a meal with one another, we are ultimately in the business of bringing people together, so it is fitting to be a part of a program such as Metrolink SoCal Explorer. “ 

NORMS is offering SoCal Explorer rewards members 15% off their meal at any NORMS Restaurants location when they show their SoCal Explorer Loyalty card (digital card) or valid Metrolink train ticket.

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