Schedule Update on the Horizon for Mid-November!

In March, we temporarily reduced our service levels due to the significant decrease in ridership caused by COVID-19. Our goal is always to maintain a schedule that supports the transportation needs of essential workers and others who rely on our service, while allowing plenty of room for social distancing.

Now, we are introducing modifications to our schedule, which begin November 16. We’ve watched our ridership very closely, and we built this modified schedule to reflect the changes we see in your travel patterns – which includes earlier travel times in the mornings and the afternoons. Some of the changes are: Re-introducing the Express service on the San Bernardino Line so people can get to and from Los Angeles faster. Shifting schedules on the San Bernardino and Antelope Valley Lines so they depart at regular times, are easier to remember, and allow for seamless transfers to other Metrolink trains or local transit systems. Temporarily suspending trains with low ridership and adding back trains that better serve riders’ need

We hope you will be as excited about these changes as we are. We know change is never easy, and understand this schedule might not be perfect for everyone. We made these changes very thoughtfully, and we can and will reinstate train service quickly when and where we see ridership demand growing. So, we invite you to share your feedback here.

Thank you for continuing to ride Metrolink!

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  1. New schedule sucks

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