Pledge to #TakeTheTrain In Celebration of California Clean Air Day

Earlier this year, California experienced some of the cleanest air quality since the mid-1990s. While that changed since the Independence Day holiday – especially due to the recent wildfires – it reminded us of what’s possible. Metrolink, along with the Coalition for Clean Air, believe that we can – and should – unite to improve our community’s health and create new habits to clean the air for all of Southern California.

This Clean Air Day, Wednesday, October 7, make a pledge to ride Metrolink and share your commitment on social media tagging @metrolink and using #TakeTheTrain.

We invite you to try our new Personal Impact Calculator to find out how much of a positive impact you can make on Southern California’s air quality, your wallet and your health.

Together, we can all make a positive impact on our environment.

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