Safety Blog: Waze Alerts for At-Grade Railroad Crossings

Waze, a Google owned navigation application, is adding a new feature to their Android and iOs applications that will alert drivers that they are approaching an at-grade railroad crossing.

Previously, Waze users turned to crowd-sourced notifications to alert others of railroad crossings, including the generic “hazard on road” notification with custom text. We appreciate Waze’s efforts to inform drivers of railroad grade crossings!

As a reminder, we ask you to always Interact safely with high-way grade crossings by:

  1. Being alert and looking both ways before crossing train tracks
  2. Never stopping your vehicle on the tracks. If your car stalls or stops on the crossing for any reason, get yourself and any passengers out and away quickly.
  3. Using the Emergency Notification System sign located at the crossing to alert the railroad of hazards

Map editors are hard at work to further refine it to make the warnings as accurate as possible. If you encounter an issue with a RR-Crossing while driving, use the REPORT > Map issue feature in the app to describe the error.

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