Metrolink’s New Cleaner Commute

As the stay-at-home guidelines throughout our service area begin to move into the next phase, we know more of you will need to go more places very soon. As many of you told us in our recent survey, safety is a top priority for you as it is for us as well. We all need to stay safe not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones and our communities. At Metrolink, safety is our guiding principle and we want you to know how we’ve stepped up our cleaning efforts on our trains and at our facilities.

Cleaning Procedures

We are proud to share with you the many new ways we are cleaning and disinfecting our trains. Every night we deep clean and disinfect our trains. But you expect more, so we are doing more. Now we also use an electrostatic sprayer to apply hospital-grade disinfectant on all areas of our passenger cars – including hard-to-reach places – every day. And our new Clean Care Crew members thoroughly wipe and disinfect frequently touched surfaces aboard our trains – using EPA-approved products – throughout the day. These enhanced cleaning procedures are now a regular part of our operations to help keep you and our employees safe.

Face Coverings

Train conductors and all Metrolink staff who directly interact with our customers are required to wear masks and gloves. It’s an important part of Metrolink’s commitment to keep our employees and riders healthy and safe. As safety is a shared responsibility, riders are expected to wear a face covering at stations and on board trains. We are all in this together so if you forget to bring one, the conductor will provide one for you.

Social Distancing

Remember: Stay 6 feet apart. Wash your hands. And if you are feeling sick, stay home. Please be patient and courteous to your fellow riders as they enter and exit the trains. These simple steps will keep us all safe.

Visit our safety page at to learn more.

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