Burbank Historical Society Museum: Plan Your CA History Hunt

Did you know that Burbank was founded during the Southern California land boom of the 1800s when thousands of Americans came west during the railroad rate war between Santa Fe and Southern Pacific? If California history sparks your interest, you need to add Gordan R. Howard Museum to your travel list. Located at 115 N. Lomita Street, this museum is presented by the Burbank Historical Society.

Enjoy photos dating back to the late 1800s and stories explaining notable events from Burbank’s history. Find out how the movie industry, railways, and manufacturing took a newly incorporated town of just 500 people in 1911 to a metropolitan area of over 100,000 residents and several important industries.

Teachers, students and California-history buffs will learn so much at the Gordan R. Howard Museum. Plan a CA history hunt with Metrolink. The Burbank – Downtown station is just 0.5 miles to museum. Enjoy a nice 10-minute walk.

For more information about the Burbank Historical Society and the Gordan R. Howard Museum, please visit http://www.burbankhistoricalsoc.org. To plan your trip with Metrolink, please visit MetrolinkTrains.com.

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