New Ticket Machines: Your Ticket Made Easy

Starting this month and continuing through the summer, Metrolink riders will start to see new ticket machines across the system. These new touch-screen machines are more user-friendly and reliable. Metrolink wants your feedback – if you use the new machines and have any questions or comments, please text or call 800-371-5465. For more information, please visit


Step 1. Tap “Buy Tickets”

Step 2. Choose your ticket type

The new ticket machines still offer the same ticket types you enjoy.

Step 3. Choose your destination

Enter or select your destination station with just one tap.

Step 4. Select your departure date and ticket quantity

Step 5. Pay for your ticket

New ticket machines accept cash, debit, and credit cards.

Enjoy your ride!

All Metrolink tickets purchased allow free transfers on select bus and rail lines. Visit for a list of participating providers.

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