We Celebrate YOU on Metrolink Customer Appreciation Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, riders! We are thanking customers for taking the train during our second annual Customer Appreciation Day! During the morning rush, our staff will thank riders with treats at select Metrolink stations. At L.A. Union Station, riders can stop for a free cup of coffee in the morning from our friends at Pitchoun, or free ice cream in the afternoon from our friends at Ben & Jerry’s Union Station.

In addition, beginning on Customer Appreciation Day and continuing through February 20, riders can enter to win one of 15 March monthly passes by entering the #OurMetrolink contest. To enter, riders can simply take a selfie on board a Metrolink train with another passenger and post it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #OurMetrolink. Riders can also post the selfie as a comment in a Customer Appreciation Day post on Metrolink’s Facebook page. From the eligible entries, 15 winners will be selected at random.

We encourage everyone to take the train this Valentine’s Day and throughout the weekend. Metrolink’s $10 Weekend Day Pass is good for unlimited rides on the Metrolink system and includes free transfers to the Metro Rail system. The $10 Weekend Day Pass can be purchased on Metrolink’s mobile app or at train station ticket vending machines on the day of travel. Metrolink’s app is available for free download on the App Store or Google Play. For more information on the mobile app, please visit metrolinktrains.com/mobileapp.

We would also like to thank our official Metrolink Customer Appreciation Day sponsors: Ben & Jerry’s at L.A. Union Station and Pitchoun!

For all the euphoric flavors you can’t get enough of – especially the ones you can’t get in ordinary stores – nobody scoops Ben & Jerry’s better than they do at our scoop shops. They are located at L.A. Union Station in the Passenger Concourse: opposite Amtrak ticket windows, adjacent to the South Patio doors. They are open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Pitchoun! is located in DTLA and at the Beverly Center in West Hollywood, and is open 7 days a week. They are an authentic, family-owned French bakery, offering artisan house-made bread and pastries. The two restaurants offer US roasted coffee and organic teas, as well as made to order fresh dishes for breakfast (all day) and lunch. Every month, Frederic Soulies and his team of French Chefs develop new bread, special pastries and savory dishes, always very creative and using fresh and local ingredients. Pitchoun! is quality-driven only and aims at serving healthy and tasty items to its patrons. Pitchoun! serves both as a fast-casual bakery, as well as a warm and cozy joint where guests may relax beside the fireplace or on the patio with a cappuccino or a beer. The bakery also proposes catering for corporate and personal events and offers large cakes for any occasion.
To learn more, please go to https://pitchounbakery.com/

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  1. I rode the train to work on valentines day, and have been riding for a little over a year now. The valentines day experience was pretty bad. I normally take train #705 from riverside downtown to Buena park. That particular morning like many other days, the train was delayed almost causing me to late to work. First it was announced the train was stopped just outside of riverside. Then they said it was delayed because of another train, I believe train #807 had broke down. Estimated delay was about 10-15 minutes we were told as we were all waiting. There were a lot of riders waiting that morning, because the 807 train had not arrived yet also. The delay ended up being 30-45 minutes late when it was all said and done. There was also confusion as to what track the 705 train would arrive on. The pa announcer would say track 3, but my phone would say track 4. So were all confused that morning as to which track the train would actually arrive on. The treats offered that morning was candy, not my thing in the early morning. My point here is that the train is supposed to feel stress free, not being in traffic. But it has been far from that for a few months now. I cannot trust the train to get me to work on time anymore. You have backup plans when delays occur, and maybe offer free rides to those affected , when these delays occur. We are all trying to get somewhere on time, delays I know can happen, but it is happening way too often, with no end in sight. I am frustrated thinking about riding the train anymore, but don’t want to drive to orange county daily as well. Please help us riders by being more reliable and on time. I feel I deserve a few free rides, for all that I have had to put up with that last few months. Even coming home has been unreliable as we wait for the trains in the cold not arriving on time. Please help.

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