Metrolink Safety in Inclement Weather

Severe weather can happen anytime in any part of southern California. It can create hazardous conditions caused by thunderstorms, damaging winds, large hail, flash flooding, winter storms, freezing rain, sleet, snow, strong winds and more. Metrolink is preparing for wet weather and reminding our customers to be prepared! Metrolink Maintenance of Way crews are equipped and prepared to be “all hands on deck” in inclement weather. We prepare for challenges such fallen branches or trees which can knock out power or block a track. We also monitor rainfall and heavy downpours that can cause puddles or flooding at low points along the system.

Please remember the following safety tips when traveling with Metrolink:

  • Allow plenty of time to meet your train. Do not stay in your car to avoid rain only to sprint to the platform as the train approaches!
  • Always be aware of fellow commuters walking to and from their vehicles on the surrounding roads and in the parking lots
  • Use your mobile device to track train service and any status updates. Get Metrolink’s real-time information through our Train Tracker, Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Use caution when stepping on a train. Water dripping from clothes and umbrellas may make station platforms and train floors wet; store wet umbrellas in a bag to avoid drips
  • Always hold the handrail. Use caution and avoid looking down at hand held devices when climbing or descending stairs

If you spot a weather-related safety issue at a station, call or text 800-371-5465. If you notice a safety concern on board the train, notify the train conductor or call/text: 800-371-5465. We sincerely appreciate your assistance in keeping the system running smoothly and safely during inclement weather.

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