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Metrolink Transitions Into 100% Ticket Scan Process

TAP-enabled tickets are dispensed from Metrolink TVMs and allow for a seamless transfer to the LA Metro’s bus and rail system.  Beginning in January 2020, customers will need to “scan” the QR code already printed on Metrolink tickets/passes rather than “tapping” to unlatch the Metro turnstiles.

The scanning of the QR Code on paper tickets/passes is identical to the process already used by customers with the Metrolink mobile app.

We will create a consistent experience for our riders of scanning tickets, and use the savings to cover other operational costs. This is a policy change that will lead to a projected $760,000 in agency savings, while still allowing for free rider transfers.

Thank you for your patience during this transition and for being a valued Metrolink rider.


  1. I only learned about this today from a Metrolink station announcement. You need to put signs up at Union Station right away or you are going to have a logjam of people at the turnstiles because they won’t know what’s wrong with their tickets and the crowd will back up very quickly.

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