Real Dinosaurs of Ancient Antarctica at the Natural History Museum

Now through January 5, 2020, Metrolink riders can enjoy an easy and convenient ride to ancient Antarctica. You won’t need to pack winter gear because the South Pole was not as cold as it is today. However, you will want some sort of protection from dinosaurs, especially the predator Cryolophosaurus, also known as the cold-crested killer.

On second thought, we’ll take you to the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum instead, where you can enjoy an interactive exhibition of Antarctic Dinosaurs from the safety of the 21st century.

Adventurer-scientists continue to unearth new dinosaur species in the Antarctic, one of the most remote locations on Earth. Despite the bitter cold and isolation, four new species of dinosaurs have been discovered in the last 30 years. At the exhibition of Antarctic Dinosaurs, these four species, plus many more, will be presented through 3-D models, sculptured to approximate how these creatures would have appeared. While you’re there, enjoy a simulation of a flight over the icy peaks and examples of expedition gear.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the museum before you go. Dinosaur Hall and Nature Lab provide lots of neat opportunities to learn about the creatures that roamed the Earth, past and present. Please visit, for a full list of things to see and do at the museum.

Thanks to Metrolink’s partnership with Metro, this Antarctic Dinosaur Exhibition is closer than you think! Just visit any Ticket Vending Machine at any Metrolink station to purchase your ticket. Of course, Metrolink’s mobile app is always an option as well, available at Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Don’t wait too long because these Antarctic dinos will only be at the LA Natural History Museum until January 5, 2020. For Metrolink details and scheduling information, please visit here.

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