Testing (Wi-Fi) 1-2, 1-2

We heard you loud and clear. You want Wi-Fi.

And now, for the first time in Metrolink’s history, Metrolink has a test train equipped with Wi-Fi operating across its system until January 2, 2020.

Metrolink is in the process of testing software and equipment, connectivity between railcars and signal strength across our 538-mile system. If you’re riding the Wi-Fi test train, you’ll see signs and hear announcements while you’re on board the train. Please connect to the network at no charge. Then take the survey to provide your feedback on the Wi-Fi.

Your input is so important that we’re willing to reward you for it. Just complete our survey with a valid email for a chance to win one (1) of four (4) Metrolink 7-Day Passes! If you do not want to provide your email address, you can still participate in the survey.

As always, you make Metrolink work. Thank you!


What is Metrolink’s Wi-Fi Pilot Program?
Metrolink is starting the process to provide Wi-Fi to its riders. First, Metrolink must test different hardware and software working with technology providers to find out how it will perform throughout Metrolink’s 538-mile commuter rail system.

I’m on a Wi-Fi Train! How do I connect? How do I give feedback?
To connect to Wi-Fi, just locate the Wi-Fi options on your electronic device and then choose “Metrolink Wi-Fi Test.” You will be directed to Metrolink’s website and given some additional information about the Wi-Fi test including a link to take a survey. We hope you are able to provide feedback after you use the Wi-Fi. It is critical to help us design the system that will best serve our riders. For more information on the test and to provide feedback, visit metrolinktrains.com/wifi

Who is Metrolink working with?
A team of AT&T/
Cradlepoint has provided Metrolink with the hardware and software to test this technology. Metrolink may work with other vendors to test this technology in the future.

Why is Metrolink providing Wi-Fi? Don’t most riders already have data service?
Wi-Fi is one of the most common requests from Metrolink riders. Providing Wi-Fi is in line with Metrolink CEO Stephanie’s customer-focused vision to modernize the Metrolink system. Using Wi-Fi allows riders to connect to the internet without impacting their own data plan or bill.

When does the Wi-Fi Pilot Program end? When will Wi-Fi be available across the system?
The Wi-Fi pilot program with AT&T/
Cradlepoint will run from November 4 to January 2, 2020. There may be other vendors that Metrolink will work with to test after the AT&T/Cradlepoint test. When we have more information, we will let you know. Updates will be added to the webpage, metrolinktrains.com/wifi, and communicated via Metrolink Matters. Providing Wi-Fi on all trains will be a process. First, Metrolink has to test different hardware, software and installation locations throughout the trainset. Metrolink also has to learn where along its service route there may be issues. Then Metrolink will be able to develop specifications for the system that will best meet the needs of the rider. Once that happens, Metrolink can understand the cost implications and identify funding. Then it will take time to install. We will do our best to provide this service to riders as soon as we can, but it will take time. This is a priority for our agency, but it will take time. Please be patient and know that we are doing our best to provide this to you, as soon as we can.

Where will the Wi-Fi trains be?
For the AT&T pilot – There will be two train sets equipped with Wi-Fi. These trains will operate across the entire system. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn daily which trains will be testing Wi-Fi.

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  1. is metrolink still planning to add wifi? i figure this got delayed due to the pandemic

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