Safety Message: See something. Say something.

At Metrolink, we are committed to making every train ride a safe one and we are focused on doing all that we can to keep our transit system safe for all our customers. Through a multi-layered approach, our passengers, employees, contract security, train crews, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) and local law enforcement work together to ensure security system-wide.

As a Metrolink passenger, we value you as an extra set of eyes and ears and ask for your help in identifying possible safety or security concerns. We encourage you to identify something that just doesn’t look right before something happens.

If you see or hear suspicious behavior on the transit system – we ask that you report the activity to Metrolink staff, security personnel, train crew, or Law Enforcement.  If you need to report a non-emergency safety concern, call or text – Metrolink’s Security Operations Center (866) 640-5190.  If you observe violent behavior or other criminal or threatening acts that could endanger life and property – please dial 911. Security is everyone’s business.

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