Stay aware when crossing railroad tracks

It may seem easy to avoid a collision with a 200-ton locomotive. Yet the fact is that a vehicle or pedestrian is hit by a train every three hours in the U.S., according to Operation Lifesaver, a nonprofit group that promotes railroad safety. Use extra caution the next time you’re at a railroad crossing and think about safety:

  • Trains always win: they always get the right of way, don’t follow set schedules and can move in any direction. Always expect a train.
  • Trains can be deceptive, too. Because of the size of a freight train, it’s moving faster and is closer than you think. Plus, trains are quieter than ever, so lower your radio and listen closely as you approach a crossing.
  • Even if the engineer sees you, a train can take up to a mile to stop once the emergency brakes are applied.
  • Although you’ve seen it in action movies, never try to beat a train or drive around lowered gates. Even after a train passes, wait for the gates to rise completely, since another train could be coming from the other direction.

For more information on driving safety, visit–security/rail-safety/

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