Prevent crossing accidents by using the ENS signs at all rail crossings

Did you know that you can help prevent train crossing accidents? Yes, by just using your cell phone, you can help stop a train in its tracks to prevent an emergency from happening.

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Since September 2015, all railroad lines nationwide were required to post Emergency Notification System (ENS) signs at every public and private railroad crossing. The requirement was established by the Federal Railroad Administration to make reporting problems and emergencies impacting railroads easier.

The ENS signs are blue and white, provide an emergency phone number and a railroad crossing ID number so that drivers or pedestrians who notice problems on the tracks can help stop a train before an incident occurs. The signs are in close proximity to the crossings and will be visible to the first car stopped at a crossing when they look through their right passenger window. Every approach to a railroad crossing must have an ENS sign.

These signs can be used to report things such as suspicious activity on the tracks, stalled vehicles or a warning device malfunction. Dispatchers can find the exact location of a problem using the crossing ID number and may be able to stop a train approaching.

If your vehicle ever stalls on tracks, immediately evacuate your car and call the number listed on the ENS sign at the crossing.

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