Remember these simple tips before heading to the perfect beach day!

Planning to hit the beach this summer? You can avoid the traffic headaches and parking hassles by taking a ride on Metrolink to the beautiful beaches at San Clemente and Oceanside.

When planning your Metrolink beach day getaway, please remember these safety tips:

  • All strollers, bags, beach chairs, beach toys, beach umbrellas, coolers, towels and other items must be stored under your seats or secured in the designated storage area. Items that cannot fit between the seats or in the storage area are not allowed on board.
  • Body boards and boogie boards must be stored under the seat or in the storage area.
  • Surfboards (up to 6ft 4in) are allowed on board the train.
  • Bikes are allowed on all Metrolink train cars. Each passenger car can hold up to three bikes. Bike Cars, identified by a yellow “Bike Car” decal on the side of the train can hold up to 9 bikes on the lower level. Visit for more information.
  • Please do not block the aisles or emergency window with your carry-on items.
  • Please do not occupy empty seats with items. Allow fellow passengers the courtesy of a seat.
  • Shoes and shirts are required.

For more tips and details visit

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