Thank you for riding with us on Earth Day!

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Dear Metrolink Riders:

Earth Day is behind us but the challenge of improving our environment by reducing traffic congestion and air pollution remains squarely in our sights.


Metrolink’s offer of free rides on Earth Day was a resounding success. On April 22, we had 18,607 more boardings than on a regular weekday… an increase of 48 percent in average ridership!


Eighty-five percent of Metrolink riders have access to a car. The benefits of leaving the car at home are measurable. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 15,815 fewer car trips reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 371,300 pounds, which provides the environmental benefits of planting a 190-acre forest. We think that a lot of the people who sampled our safe, clean and reliable service will stay as regular riders.


During the evening commute, there were delays near our Buena Park Station caused by electronic signal issues that prevented some tracks from being switched correctly. To make sure all our trains could pass safely, crews needed to make the switches by hand. Safety for riders and our employees is our number one priority. We also want everyone to have an outstanding customer experience, so we provided a voucher for a free future round trip for passengers impacted by the delayed trains.


Earth Day reminds us that small decisions made every day can have big impacts on our environment. Join me in deciding to leave the car at home and ride Metrolink to help keep our skies cleaner and our air easier to breathe. Make everyday Earth Day by riding the train.

With Gratitude,

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Stephanie Wiggins

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