Steps for a Safe Commute

A prepared Metrolink commuter knows how to ensure their personal safety in the course of a regular commute. How many of these tasks are part of your commuting routine?

To station:

  • Fasten seat belt upon entering vehicle, before starting engine
  • Use hand-free cell phone device
  • Leave home with plenty of time to travel to station
  • Look both ways at high-way grade crossings

At station:

  • Store packages, duffel bags and valuables in locked trunk
  • Wait on platform with your bag; never leave bag unattended
  • Pay attention to any audible/visual announcements from station message boards regarding delays, warnings, or other information
  • Stand well behind the line as train pulls into station and not cross the line until the train is stopped and the doors open

On board:

  • Always use the handrail when boarding and leaving the train. Please watch your step
  • Use handrail when climbing and descending stairs
  • Always use the set handholds when standing or when the train is moving
  • Listen to announcements and be aware of landmarks along route that indicate time to collect belongings and proceed to doors for exit
  • Safely step from train to platform and move away before train leaves station.


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