Metrolink Reminds You: If You See Something, Say Something!

At Metrolink, we are committed to making every train ride a safe one and we are focused on doing all that we can to keep our transit system safe for all of our customers. Through a multi-layered approach our passengers, employees, contract security, train crews, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) and local law enforcement work collaboratively on ensuring security system-wide. Security is everyone’s business!

If you see or hear suspicious behavior on the transit system – we ask that you report the activity to Metrolink staff, security personnel, train crew, or Law Enforcement.  If you do not see a representative – please contact Metrolink’s Security Operations Center (866) 640-5190 and report your observations, or use our SMS service and text us at (800) 371-5465 (LINK). If you observe violent behavior or other criminal or threatening acts that could endanger life and property – please dial 911.

We ask for your help in identifying and reporting such behaviors, including the following:

Suspicious appearance

  • A person or persons wearing clothes unsuitable for the time of year
  • Anything protruding in an unusual manner underneath a person’s clothing
  • A person trying to blend in with surroundings, even though he or she appears out of place

Suspicious behavior

  • Nervousness, tension or excessive sweating
  • Individuals deliberately abandoning an item (such as a backpack, package, or suitcase)  and hastily departing the area
  • Walking slowly while surveying the area or running in a suspicious manner
  • Individuals seen loitering at transit centers; walking on or near railroad tracks; or entering secured areas without authorization

Suspicious conditions, items, and packages

  • Electrical wires, switches or electronic devices sticking out of a bag, package, or clothing
  • Unattended bags, packages, boxes or backpacks
  • Unexplained smoke, mist, gas, vapor, odor or leaking fluid

Remember safety is everyone’s responsibility!

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