Stay Safe – Avoid Distracted Walking

The list of possible issues distracted walking can create in the workplace is endless. Work areas and the tasks occurring in them are constantly changing, maintaining situational awareness is key.

Below are 4 safety tips that everyone should follow:

  1. Be alert. Whether you are walking in an office hallway or in a maintenance facility, be aware of anything that might make you slip or stumble.
  2. Don’t text and walk. Texting while walking or climbing stairs can be just as hazardous as texting while driving. As the saying goes, “it can wait.”
  3. Always use handrails in stairwells and elevated places.
  4. If your work takes you to another facility, be sure you know and obey any special safety rules they might have. This includes wearing the proper PPE, knowing when it is safe to enter an area, and more importantly, when it is not.

Remember, the only safe place to cross railroad tracks is at a designated public crossing with either a crossbuck, flashing red lights or a gate. If you cross at any other place, you are trespassing and can be ticketed or fined.

You may see signs similar to this one reminding you to stay off of the tracks.


Be Track Smart – Top Three Things to Know

  • Look twice.
    • Look both ways and listen before crossing the tracks. Expect a train at any time and from either direction.
  • Heads up.
    • Avoid dangerous distractions such as texting, loud music or headphones that would prevent you from hearing an approaching train.
  • Stay off the tracks.
    • Train tracks, bridges and yards are private property. Never walk, bike, skateboard or run on or along the tracks; it’s illegal and dangerous. Cross only at designated rail crossings.

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