Metrolink Corporate Partner Program is Moving to Mobile Tickets


Metrolink is pleased to announce the expansion of mobile tickets to riders who use the Corporate Quick Card to purchase their tickets.  Nearly one-half of current Metrolink riders are taking advantage of mobile ticketing and the convenience it offers.  Now our Corporate Partner Program (CPP) companies can offer mobile ticketing to their employees.  Your Employee Transportation Coordinator will appreciate the ease of online management of mobile tickets, no more CQC cards, and paper tickets will become a thing of the past.

Here are some of the benefits our CPP riders will enjoy when their company goes mobile:

  • No waiting in line at the ticket machines or lost tickets – it’s always on your phone.
  • Free transfers to Metro Rail, connecting bus operators and Amtrak trains through the Rail2Rail program.
  • Tickets will be sent to your phone each month.  Activate the mobile ticket before boarding the train.
  • CPP mobile tickets include the Monthly Pass, 7-Day Pass or Round-Trip Ticket.

The Metrolink Corporate Partner Program (CPP) is a commuter benefit program that allows organizations the ability to offer transit benefits up to $265/month per employee. Companies benefit from CPP because supporting Metrolink as a commute option improves recruitment opportunities by attracting candidates throughout Southern California. Participating companies can achieve Air Quality Regulatory Compliance (AQMD Rule 2202) requirements and also contribute to cleaner air by taking cars off the road each day.  Currently, all new CPP accounts receive 25% off on all Metrolink tickets for up to six months.

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