Track Safety: Learn the facts. Exercise judgement. Teach others.

A person or vehicle is struck by a train roughly once every three hours. Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) data show over the past five years, 180 people died in California trying to cross the railroad tracks. From those trespassing on railroad tracks for a shortcut or recreation, to drivers trying to beat the train at a grade crossing, people don’t realize the risks they are taking and the importance of safe behavior around railroad tracks.

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It’s illegal to walk on or close to train tracks except at designated crossings, because tracks are private property and because it’s extremely dangerous. Trains can’t swerve to avoid a crash and they also can’t stop as quickly as a truck or car. No meeting or appointment is worth risking your life by trying to outrun an approaching train or taking a shortcut across tracks.

Learn the facts, exercise judgement and teach others.

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