RCTC wrapping up work on Riverside-La Sierra Metrolink parking lot expansion

The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) has completed its expansion of the Riverside-La Sierra Metrolink Station, making it easier for train riders and other transit users to access the station and park before continuing their commutes.  RCTC, which operates the stations in Riverside County, began work on the project last spring, and completed the substantial improvements in mid-December.

The project added 442 parking spaces, six new bus bays, and a signalized intersection with Indiana Avenue. The new lot includes Park & Ride facilities located northeast of the existing station.

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The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) started using the new bus bays on January 13th.  The bays support RTA’s western county operations and its CommuterLink Express service, which recently completed its first year of service.  As part of the 91 Project, RCTC made a commitment for multimodal options, and RTA’s Route 200 uses the 91 Express Lanes to carry riders on express buses between Riverside and Orange.  The Riverside-La Sierra Station, located just south of the 91 Express Lanes, offers a convenient location to board the CommuterLink Express.

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Crews placed new asphalt-concrete pavement and pavers, built curbs and sidewalks, added a traffic signal and landscaped the area.  RCTC and RTA are completing way-finding signage to ensure that riders have easy access to the new Park & Ride parking spaces and bus connection directions.

For questions about the project or the Metrolink station, please contact RCTC at info@rctc.org.

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