Safety during rainy weather

Train with rain dropSouthern California is known for its year-round sunshine and great weather, but Southern Californians know darker weather can appear seemingly out of nowhere. This can include thunderstorms with damaging winds, hail and flash flooding or even winter storms that include freezing rain, sleet, snow and strong winds.

Metrolink is always monitoring weather patterns and situations and maintenance-of-way crews are equipped and prepared for various conditions, ranging from high winds to floods. Emergency response teams are available whenever an emergency situation arises where tracks or trains may be affected as strategically placed stockpiles of equipment are placed throughout the entire system for fast response times. Riprap is also used and replaced often to help prevent flooding at low points along the system

We also reminds riders to be prepared and to remember safety tips to help stay safe in winter months:

  • Allow plenty of time to meet your train. When driving to the train station, exercise special caution on wet roads and allow some extra time to arrive early
  • Always be aware of fellow commuters walking to and from their vehicles on the surrounding roads and parking lots
  • Use your mobile device for train service and any status updates
  • Use caution when stepping on a train. Water dripping from clothes and umbrellas may make station platforms and train floors wet: store your wet umbrellas in a bag to avoid drips
  • Always hold handrails. Use caution and avoid looking down at handheld devices when climbing and descending stairs

We are always on the lookout for safety issues, but if you spot a weather-related safety issue, such as flooding, a slip hazard or a downed power line or tree at a station, place contact us at 800-371-4565. If you notice a safety issue on board the train, notify your conductor.

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