TBT: Metrolink Introduces Quiet Cars

It’s been seven years (as of October 3) since Metrolink implemented a new amenity on all weekday trains – the Quiet Car.

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The Quiet Car has become a favorite for commuters who want to work, read a book or even just have a little peace and quiet while they leave the stress of driving behind.

Details about this amenity was introduced in the 2011 October/November issue of Metrolink Matters:

If you sit in the second car away from the locomotive, you may have noticed that your train ride has been unusually quiet. The reason is that on Oct. 3, Metrolink introduced Quiet Cars on all weekday trains. They are the second car away from the locomotive, and you can ride them at no additional charge. The move to offer the free, new amenity is part of our initiatives aimed at improving our level of service for passengers.

No loud talking is allowed on the cars, which is a bonus for riders who like to nap,
read or get a little work done, or just want peace and quiet. Passengers can use audio devices with headphones as long as the volume level cannot be heard by neighboring riders.

“Our new Quiet Cars will make the commute on Metrolink trains even more enjoyable for those, like myself, who prefer a more peaceful commute,” said Metrolink Board Chairman Richard Katz. “Some of our passengers prefer to socialize or do business on the train. We encourage that – just not on the new Quiet Cars.”

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Metrolink asks that passengers be mindful of the limited seating capacity by placing their personal items on their laps or below their seats so other riders can also enjoy the Quiet Car. 

Before introducing the cars, Metrolink took to the social media forum Facebook to ask riders to weigh in on the systemwide rollout. “We believe in giving our riders every opportunity to voice their opinions about our service options. We want to offer service that is attractive to our customers and increases ridership,” said Metrolink CEO John E. Fenton. So far 65 percent of riders who responded said offering Quiet Cars is a great idea, compared to 27 percent who said the cars are not for them.

To ensure that our Quiet Cars live up to their name, we encourage passengers to follow the guidelines below:

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  • No Loud Talking. If you’d like to carry on a conversation, please relocate to another car.
  • Mute Your Device: Customers may not use any devices with audio features enabled or without headphones, including:
    • cellular phones
    • pagers
    • handheld games
    • laptop computers
    • portable CD or DVD players

Customers using headphones must keep the volume low enough so that the audio cannot be heard by neighboring passengers.

Metrolink personnel may ask passengers who fail to follow these guidelines to relocate to another car.

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  2. Why not to post which cars have plugs to charge the cells since not all cars has the charges. Instead the passagers have to go back and forth and up and down looking for it???

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