Metrolink’s Rail Safety Exhibit On Display at L.A. Union Station

Safety is the most important aspect of any part of our operations and we strive to be a leader in the rail industry when it comes to safety measures.

To showcase how we’ve focused on safety over the year, we recently opened Rail Safety Exhibit opened at L.A. Union Station on Wednesday, September 12.

This exhibit was dedicated to those who were affected by the Chatsworth tragedy in 2008.

In the exhibit, you can see an interactive memorial display that includes a Positive Train Control simulator, artifacts from Ventura County Line train 111 and descriptions of the safety improvements we’ve made across the system.

As part of adopting a culture of safety, Metrolink introduced new technologies and safety innovations in the months and years following the Chatsworth tragedy.

The free exhibit is open along with L.A. Union Station and will be available through Wednesday, September 26.

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