Safety Always Matters!

Safety is the most important thing for our riders to remember when taking the train. Plus, when you practice safe behaviors, you make for a better riding experience for yourself and your fellow passengers.

To navigate safely and courteously on board, wise commuters will

  • Maintain good balance by using at least one hand to steady themselves when moving through train cars on foot;
  • Rely on handrails when using stairs;
  • Remain aware of emergency exits and emergency –equipment  locations;
  • Know to contact a conductor-often in cab cars-or the nearest uniformed officer in any onboard emergencies;
  • Place personal items underneath seats, not on adjacent seats;
  • Listen to conductor announcements;
  • Notify conductors of unwanted activity such as vandalism and loud or disruptive behavior ;
  • Watch for landmarks along their routes indicating it is time to collect their belongings  and proceed to exits;
  • Safely step from trains to platforms and move away before trains depart.

Don’t hesitate to improve the commute of other riders, too. A kind offer to assist a passenger with bags or to alert someone who leaves a bag, jacket or cell phone behind goes a long to create a safe and courteous Metrolink commuting community.


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  1. Yes, safate always matter , others things as well. Montclair station needs a cover for the sits. To protect your customers from rain and the sun. How about looking at this situation as well, Metrolink ???

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