Catch & Release or Keep & Eat? Go fishing with Metrolink!

Get your tackle box and fishing poles ready because we can get you to some great fishing areas!

You read that right, you can bring fishing gear on any Metrolink train and we can help get you right to the water by taking the Orange County or Inland Empire-Orange County lines!Pier-Fishing-4-small.jpg

On both lines, our trains stop at Oceanside, located just blocks from the beach that allows fishing from the Oceanside Pier, and on the weekends they stop directly at San Clemente Pier where you can toss you lines.

fishing lake.jpg

Fishing in the ocean is an obvious fishing spot, but there is another unique place you can catch the big one, and that’s at the Santa Ana River Lakes! Located walking distance from the Anaheim Canyon Metrolink Station on the IEOC Line, the Santa Ana River Lakes offer day and night fishing six days a week. The facility has a tackle shop, boat and rod rentals and even camping facilities. There are both catch and release and keep and eat fish that include species like rainbow trout, sturgeon, catfish, tilapia, carp and more depending on the season. Fish are stocked every Thursday, so you’ll always have the chance to come home with a prize.

Once you’ve finished your fishing day, load up your ice chest and take a relaxing ride back home on the train!

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