How Heat Waves Can Impact Your Commute

Southern California has a reputation of year-round great weather, there are times when we experience extreme heat, which may place limits on our train service, which results in trains traveling slower than normal.

ARTI C Tracks

During extreme heat waves, railroad tracks may adjust as the steel reacts to the high temperatures. Usually the tracks will expand, and that may lead to buckling or other deformations that can cause a derailment.


Metrolink track inspectors will check tracks during the heat to identify any potential problems caused by the weather and to ensure a safe operation. At times, “slow orders” may be issued to avoid any potential problems and are common when air temperature reaches 110 degrees or the rails themselves reach 140 degrees. This can be common especially along the Antelope Valley and Perris Valley area of our system, but can happen in any area.


We appreciate your understanding in these situations as we work to ensure a safe environment for our riders.

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