Metrolink Safety: All About Positive Train Control

Positive Train Control, or PTC, is a term you may have heard about when riding one of our trains, but do you know what it actually is?


PTC is a life-saving technology that is GPS-based and can stop a train and prevent train-to-train collisions, over-speed derailments and unauthorized train movements. PTC ensures the safety of our passengers by acting as a safeguard against human error and other potential hazards.

The PTC system combines GPS, wireless radio and computing technology to send up-to-date visual and audible information and notify train crew members when a train must be slowed or stopped. If an engineer does not respond to the PTC warning system, onboard computers will activate the brakes and safely stop the train.

Our PTC system consists of:


Commuting throughout Southern California has never been safer thanks to PTC. Today, all Metrolink-owned lines and locomotives operate PTC, making Metrolink one of the safest ways to travel. Additionally, in October 2017, we achieved interoperability with BNSF and in April 2018, achieved interoperability with Union Pacific Railroad – making us the first commuter railroad to be interoperable with both freight lines.

Next, we will aim to achieve interoperability with Amtrak and the North County Transit District, which will make all of our shared tracks PTC ready.

We are proud of our efforts in adopting PTC and to provide you a safe commute.

See how PTC works in the video below:

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