Metrolink’s New Quality Service Pledge

Our Board of Directors recently approved a motion to update our Quality Service Pledge to improve customer service for our riders during unplanned service interruptions.

These changes were made after riders like you provided feedback to a survey requesting more timely alternate transportation and communications updates when there is an incident.

When a train is delayed for an unplanned reason and you are unable to get to your destination within one hour of the published train schedule, you’ll will be entitled to ticket compensation and reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs for alternate transportation, such as Uber, Lyft or taxi up to $50. Prior to these changes, there were many caveats based on the cause of the incident.

Additionally, we will reconfigure our Customer Relations Representative program so they are able to provide on-scene assistance with passengers and communications during incidents. They will also help provide updates to riders and coordinate when buses, taxis and other forms of alternate transportation arrive.

For more information on our new QSP and how it applies to you, please visit

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  1. not happy with Metrolink

  2. i was on train 117 on October 16 2020 there was on issue they told us we needed to off at Van Nuys station. They said transportation would be on the way I was on my way to Ventura no transportation came we were there over 2 hours with no direction . We were stranded was very upset, I travel Metrolink a lot this situation has never happened.

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