Keep Track of Your Train with Metrolink’s Train Tracker

As Southern California’s premier regional rail system, we do everything in our power to provide high-quality, dependable, on-time service. Unfortunately, we know that our regular service may be disrupted.

These delays can be for a variety of reasons including freight delays, incidents such vehicle of person collisions, natural disasters or acts of nature, unforeseen crew changes or third party activity like police or fire agencies.

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We know that communicating these delays accurately is the right thing to do and will help you make the best decision for your commute.

We provide details about delays on our accounts on Twitter and Facebook, as well as on our website, through station announcements and on trains by conductors.


Last year, we introduced our Train Tracker – a real-time tool that you can use to find the location of your train and its estimated arrival time. This system uses GPS based on the Positive Train Control (PTC) system to tell you where a train’s location is.

To view the Train Tracker, simply visit

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  1. Train tracker does not work on my Galaxy S8.


    Using Outlook for Android


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