Delays on 91/PVL & IEOC due to BNSF Maintenance


Over the next two weeks, riders may experience delays of up to 15 minutes along certain parts of the system on the 91/Perris Valley and the Inland Empire-Orange County lines.

These delays come as part of a rail tie replacement project on BNSF-owned tracks that Metrolink uses.

From June 24 to 28, the 91/PVL may experience delays between Fullerton and Riverside – Downtown. The IEOC Line will be affected between Anaheim Canyon and Riverside – Downtown.

From July 1 to 5 (excluding July 4), the 91/PVL may experience delays between Riverside – Downtown and Riverside – Hunter Park/UCR. The IEOC may experience delays between Riverside – Downtown and the San Bernardino Depot.

Wooden railroad ties. Photo by Nick Ares. Licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0.

Railroad tie is the rectangular support for the actual rails. These are generally made from wood or concrete and lie perpendicular to the rails. They work to transfer the weight of the train to the track ballast (the rocks along the tracks) while holding the rails upright and maintaining the gauge of the trains. There are about 3,520 ties per mile of mainline track in the United States and are fastened with a railroad spike.

Rail tie replacements are a regular form of track maintenance and is an essential and never-ending task for railroads in order to maintain a safe and reliable system for passengers.

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