As many of you know, the month of May is known as National Bike Month.  Bike Month, which was first established in 1956 by the League of American Bicyclists, is a chance to showcase the benefits of bicycling and encourages commuters to give biking a try as a first/last mile option instead of using their cars.

Metrolink held some great events to support this year’s Bike Month and thank all of our riders who joined us in foregoing their cars and using a greener and more sustainable mode of transportation.

To kick off Bike Month, Metrolink and URB-E worked together to hold a Facebook contest where participants had the chance to win a new URB-E electric scooter. Followers simply needed to explain how an URB-E would benefit their lives. The winner is the contest, David, shared that “over the past two years, I have ditched the pump and my car in favor of using public transportation and try to inspire others to do so, not by word alone but by setting an example demonstrating that it could be done. I have been looking into electric bikes and scooters and feel that URB-E has one of the best solutions for the ‘last mile’ issue because it is more compact than a bike and more efficient than an Uber/Lyft. It could also save time over waiting for the next bus to arrive. I would love to use my URB-E as my ‘last mile’ solution from the Anaheim Canyon Metrolink stop to work and to run quick errands nearby along with an easier way to grab lunch near work and to recharge my phone and Chromebook.”

urbe winner.jpg

During Bike to Work Week, which took place May 14 to 18, Metrolink gave riders an extra incentives to bring their bikes on the train: free trips! More than 6,120 riders took advantage of this opportunity across the entire region. On May 15, we hosted a Twitter party where more than 260,000 of you participated. Part of the fun was the chance to answer bike trivia to win prizes like biking accessories and a brand new bike from tokyobike!


We had our final event last week on May 24 at the Glendale Metrolink Station with URB-E. This pop-up event included demonstrations and the change to test drive URB-E electric scooters. Attendees also were able to get Metrolink swag and round trip tickets.

urbe pop up.jpg

While Bike Month is filled with biking events, it is always a great idea to take your bike to Metrolink. We have space for bikes on every car on every train and many stations are located some of the region’s best hiking trails.

Thanks for making this year’s Bike Month better than ever!

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