Metrolink Safety: Filming on Tracks

At Metrolink, we are committed to making sure that everyone who interacts with our trains and property does so safely. This includes our passengers, motorists at rail crossings and members of the community.

We also know that taking photos or video along railroad tracks or near trains can be exciting and make for a great scene, but this can be extremely dangerous and may result in injuries or death.

As such, we have a policy in place for taking photos or videos of trains and tracks that will help ensure your safety:

  • Stay off Metrolink right of way property. This includes tracks and the adjacent property, bridges, tunnels, signal towers and facilities.
  • At stations, always stay behind the safety line while on platforms
  • Obey all safety rules, regulations and instructions provided by law enforcement and Metrolink employees.

*Remember, you can be cited for trespassing on railroad property.*

If you would to film on a Metrolink train or tracks, please visit our website to learn more about obtaining a permit.



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