Metrolink Needs Your Feedback!

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Metrolink is working to improve our customer service when there are incidents that cause delays to our riders. Please help us serve you better by providing your feedback. The Service Disruption Survey should take approximately 10 minutes and your responses will remain confidential. Your feedback will be helpful in providing the best service possible to our riders.

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  1. When I see the new Metrolink Matters for August September 2018

  2. Love the service but wish it ran throughout the day. Recently went to Los Angeles for lunch with friends and had to take the 10:49 Amtrak because Metrolink had already had it’s last run of the morning. Cost was 4 times that of Metrolink. Why not run the trains throughout the day? Make public transportation more inclusive.

  3. Wish you provided longer service in the evenings and earlier on Saturday. I work at LAX and I start at 6am. Your first train arrives at Union Station 5:45. It takes too long to take multiple trains and arrive at 6am. Also I work Saturday and there are more people on the first Saturday 6:39 train than during the week. I am on the Antelope Valley line. I hate driving the highway but I have no choices. Please accommodate us in the Antelope Valley.

  4. I like metrolink they have the service that i can
    ever want and i am happy that they have added
    Security on all metrolink keep up the good job
    i am a antelope valley resident i take
    Metrolink quit a bit

  5. I have no complaint. I feel the company is doing the best they can do to help the public i don’t like it when a person asks you for a ticket when you depart a train.

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